Assessment Plan

Assessment Plan of Midvale School District

Because of our small size and relative isolation, we have built our assessment plan to provide testing results in three areas:  (1) those which reflect student performance in relation to the teaching they receive in classes; (2)  their performance in relation to comparable schools in the state of Idaho;  and (3)their performance relative to national norms.  Tests for each category are explained below.

Local district results:  To assess students on a day to day basis, the following tests are used.

Normal teacher made tests or those based on the texts they are using (at least quarterly);

End-of-course tests for each major subject with questions approved by the administration;

Study Island assessments put together by the teachers over material taught in those weeks.

State tests:

ISAT and ISAT – 2

IELA (if needed)

IRI  (September, January, May)

EOC in science

Nationally normed tests:

ASVAB (given in September, especially noting practical skills as well as academic)  10,11,12 grades

PSAT  (10th grade)

COMPASS, ACT, SAT  (11th grade)

STAR tests in reading and math (given in August, December, May to monitor growth) 1-12

Study Island benchmark tests in ELA and math (given in August, December, March, and May) 3-8

NOCTI (pretests and posttests) in vocational subjects

Professional tests (CNA, PRAXIS, etc.) when appropriate.


Results of the assessments are discussed  at content or grade level meetings and reviewed by the Administrative Advisory Committee.  State and national test results are also reported to the School Board and discussed as needed.